Funeral Expenses

My father, James Atchison, is in Hospice. The doctor and nurses believe he only has a day or two because he has been unconscious and without food or water for a week. He wants to be buried next to his mother but does not have any assets or burial arrangements. I can not afford to do anything. My health prevents me from working which leaves my husbands job to pay for everything. We have three kids and a lot of medical expenses. We have already spent what little we had on getting up here (I live in Florida and he lives in Alabama) and a hotel.
My father is a musician. He had a country western band in West Palm Beach back in the 80’s called the Calhoun Band. They were really good and had people lined up outside waiting to get in. There were several record companies that tried to get him to sign with them but he refused. My dad always told me he didn’t sign because he didn’t want anyone telling him what to do when it came to his music. He loved playing in bars, said he loved the atmosphere and the people. He told me he met many famous musicians when they were just starting out. One in particular was Tracy Bird. He said he met Mr. Bird before he went big and that after he got famous, he came by where my dad was playing to say hi and played pool together (he showed me a picture of the two of them playing pool in a bar). My father loved music. He could sing, play guitar, harmonica and more. He played several one man band gigs. I love my dad and would love to be able to lay him to rest next to his mother like he wants. Donations will be for funeral expenses.
Please, anything helps! Whether it’s a donation, prayers or just sharing this post. Thank you.

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