Displaced mother and children from fire

Displaced mother and children from a fire that started on the top floor of the apartment complex where we live. Due to the water used to put out fire on the top floor apartment it has trickled to my unit and the one just above me as we are directly under the unit that caught fire. Now I am no longer able to reside there as the floors and walls are damaged and there is no power to my unit. I am having to come out of pocket for the hotel expenses as I am not being relocated nor reimbursed by the owner. I am temporally homeless until they get the apartment fixed which it is in need of a complete remodel. As of now I am without a permanent place to live and the cost of hotels are taking a toll on my income. I am a single working mother but the costs are growing and as of yet do not know how long I will be out of a home. I have been utilizing websites such as Priceline to make the funds stretch as far as they can go. Any help will do or even information to resources I can use, or words of encouragement as well welcomed. My unit is on the first floor directly down from the unit that burned.

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