Medical Expenses for Jolene Swartz

We are attempting to raise funds for a very close friend of mine Jolene Swartz. Some of you who read this will remember going to high school with her and what a wonderful nice and radiant person she is. Jolene has suffered from Type I diabetes since being a teenager, now 32 the past few years has had an extremely tough time and has had some significant setbacks. Some of this will come as shock as Jolene is very private person and has not shared this with a lot of people.

Jolene is in complete renal failure and requires dialysis three days a week, whom for the past four years her mom has driven her back and forth from their home in Bethel, PA to West Reading. She has been on the kidney transfers lists but due to her heart condition and continual setbacks she was not able to have the surgery. On top these medical conditions she also suffers from congestive heart failure and osteonecrosis in both of her shoulders. This significantly affects her upper body strength and movement in her arms. In December Jolene fell in her home and broke her tibia. The break was significant enough to require fixtures to be drilled through her bone to help hold it in place. Unfortunately, the bone would not heal and became infected. Keep in mind while going through all of these operations Jolene was not able to have any pain medication due to the risk of cardiac arrest. The doctors were forced to complete a below the knee amputation which successfully stopped the bone infection from spreading. Jolene has been rehabbing in a local facility in the Reading area for the past few months. Unfortunately, she has had continuous complications and suffered from multiple cardiac arrests and is back in the ICU. All the progress and strength in her good leg she has gained will be lost and will need rehab again to eventually get back home.

Due to the length and repeated stays, her insurance for rehab has run out. We are looking to collect donations to cover the ongoing medical expenses she will need to complete her rehab. Also due to her amputation her abilities to complete simple tasks at home are significantly hindered. We are trying to also raise funds to aide in the remodeling of some areas of their home to accommodate a wheelchair, transfer boards and make life as easy as possible for Jolene and her family. Jolene has not been home in three months and I can only imagine the pain and suffering involved with what she has gone through. Please help us reach our goals in this campaign and bring some comfort to someone who has gone through more then anyone of us could ever imagine.

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