My little peanut

Hi everyone.

I am running Into a problem. My fiancé and I are experiencing the biggest blessing on the earth. As soon as I found out I went and got a respectable time that will pay out long down the road.  

My fiancé has a job because of complications, it is a struggle for her to go to work, leaving us with one income. 

I would rather her be safe, rested and keep her and our baby safe. I am working my but off as hard as a guy but my savings has diminished little by little while my fiancé is not work. Which worsens her anxiety’s thinking about the financials.

I want to be able to give them both everything they need especially when my little peanut just is in 3 months.

So I turn to you find, kind and good people. I need your help to raise some money to try and put enough savings on top of what I have for her to feel comfortable. All I want is for everything to be okay. The only social media I have is twitter to follow certain things. So please share this whether you can donate or not. Please this would be a huge help even if it is a dollar.

Please share this and I will Be ever so grateful for your donations ahead!

Thank you again


          The luckiest fiancé and future dad

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