Chronic Pain Sufferer needs help saving our home

This is the first time I’ve been here sorry if I’m a little rough. We just got back from spending 10 days in the Billings Clinic our daughter got sick and we had to fly her down there what I’m trying to do is raising money too get caught up on our property taxes so I don’t lose our home. It’s my wife, my handicap daughter and me, and our other daughter and her 1 year old son live in our basement. I’ll try to explain my situation. It started 10/10/2002, I was a Carpenter and I was walking across some floor joists in a home we were remodeling. I slipped off the joist about 3 feet away from a wall and I reached out twords the walltthinking I would fall forward to catch myself, but instead I fell straight down and landed on a floor joist with my left armpit and I just dangled there. I made it to the doctor and he told me I fractured my greater tuberosity, the ball joint in my shoulder. He sent me for a mri which showed I did fracture my greater tuberosity and tore my rotator cuff. Fast forward I’ve had 2 surgeries and countless physical therapy, which did nothing but hurt. I went in front of the people who interview you and go over your files to determined if you are disabled or not. They found me 100% disabled with chronic pain and very limited use of my left arm. I was on fairly large doses of pain medication until the federal government started having pain doctors do force tapering of Opiod medication I am now down to a 1/3 of what made life bearable. Forward to 7/11/2011 my youngest daughter who was 16 at the time was a passenger in a car that rolled going 90 mph on a dirt road was thrown from the car and her body went through a barb wire fence. She ended up with alot of injuries but the worst was a severe TBI and she is now in a vegetative state. After 9 months in the hospital and nursing home we got to bring her home she is 100% dependant on her mother and me to care for her 24/7. We do have a CNA come 3 nights a week so I can get some sleep other than that we are her sole care providers. There is no way we could trust any facility to give her the care we can give her. My wife suffers from constant migraines, depression and anxiety since the accident so we are just basically living off my disability. We own our home outright but we have fallen way behind on the property taxes and I am afraid we might be getting close to losing our house. We have been approved for subsidized property taxes but I have to be current on them for it to work. I have tried for loans but can’t get approved. So I thought I would swollow my pride and try this, kind of my last choice. So if anyone can help out any little bit would be more than than appreciative. I hope I did this right and explained my situation. God bless you all and thank you Randy

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